About Kenny E. Lloyd

The Man

I am a Son, Father and Husband first!

My life has been an amazing journey and I’ve learned that every tub had to stand on it’s own bottom…I became the tub…Fortified by FAITH, Sustained by FAMILY and Inspired by FINANCE…that is the FOUNDATION which determines my FUTURE! 

The Mission

I am a person of PURPOSE, PASSION and PRINCIPLE!

Don’t get me wrong, this thing did not happen by accident. Chante and I planned this years ago and now it is all about MIH Baby! Making It Happen…But first we had to get Success out of the way so we could become SIGNIFICANT!

The Mystique

I am the Reflection of You!

I decided to become a living reflection of my children’s ability to overcome AND become ANYTHING! I knew if I could just keep moving forward they would be able to say, “My dad did it, and so can I!” There is really no mystery, I am just a father.


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Lloyd Family Foundation
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The Lloyd Family Foundation has its roots in the community perpetuating the legacy of Earl Lloyd.  Through his lineage Kenny E. Lloyd (Read More)


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